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Guest speakers - Dr. Moritz von Sivers (Thorlabs GmbH) and Dr. Nicolas Möser (Bosch AG)

  • Seminar talk
Wann 17.07.2019
von 16:15 bis 18:00
Kontakttelefon 0761-203 5715
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Dr. Moritz von Sivers - Development of Optolelectronic Devices at Thorlabs GmbH

Thorlabs is one of the world leading suppliers in photonics with over 20,000 products. These products are developed and produced at 17 different locations world wide. Thorlabs GmbH near Munich specializes in the development of optolelectronic devices. It also serves as a distribution hub for Europe (European warehouse) with a multilingual technical sales and support team. In this talk I will give a brief overview of the company and share my experience working as a technical support and development engineer.


Dr. Nicolas Möser - Research At Bosch – From a Particle Physicist’s Point of View

While probably still best known for home appliances and power tools, the Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services for mobility solutions, industrial technology, consumer goods, and energy and building technology. “Corporate Sector Research and Advance Engineering” is tasked with ensuring the future viability of Bosch. In this talk I will give an overview of research at Bosch with a focus on automated driving. My goal is to share my insights into industrial research – How does work look like? What are the requirements? And how can a particle physicist contribute?

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