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Membership in the RTG


Further PhD relevant registration forms:

  • Annahme als Doktorand - more
  • Promotionsvereinbarung - more
  • Registration as PhD student with the IAS - more 


Membership as a Postdoc:



Information for PhD students

  • Beginners information and list of PhD students - more




Travel formalities


RTG Customer-number for Travel agency  Reeg  850218


New travel form p80 (http://www.zuv.uni-freiburg.de/formulare/p080.pdf)

Further information about the new travel agency and the booking formalities in German (http://www.zuv.uni-freiburg.de/service/dienstreisen/reisebuero-reeg)


Order form for train tickets


Order form for airplane tickets


On demand, you can have your own customer profile set up at Reeg to record you basic data as bahncard, reservation preferencies, aso.:


Tickets including the invoice will be sent to you by email or Bahntix. By using the above-mentioned customer number for RTG-related bookings the invoice will automatically be sent to this email address, so no further action needed from you:



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