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Membership in the RTG


Further PhD relevant registration forms:

  • Annahme als Doktorand - more
  • Promotionsvereinbarung - more
  • Registration as PhD student with the IAS - more 


Membership as a Postdoc:



Information for PhD students

  • Beginners information and list of PhD students - more




Travel formalities


RTG Customer-number for Travel agency  Comtravo  850218


The new travel form p80 and further information about travel in Corona times can be found in the Intranet of the university. Please log-in with your RZ account: https://intranet.uni-freiburg.de/sazs/dienstrgeneh


Further information about the travel agency and the booking formalities in German (https://intranet.uni-freiburg.de/sazs/dienstrkoop)

Order form for train tickets


Order form for airplane tickets



Tickets including the invoice will be sent to you by email or Bahntix. By using the above-mentioned customer number for RTG-related bookings the invoice will automatically be sent to this email address, so no further action needed from you:



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