In Memoriam

Stephanie Zimmermann 3

Dr. Stephanie Zimmermann ( *29.10.1973 -- 10.11.2020)

A bright star has lapsed....


Stephanie studied physics in Freiburg and joined the ATLAS experiment, especially the muon system, as a master student in 1999. Since then she continued her work in ATLAS during her doctoral thesis, her research fellowship at CERN and the subsequent employment as a researcher at our university. She held many important positions in the ATLAS collaboration, e.g. she was responsible for the data taking (run coordinator) of the experiment and since 2013 she was project leader of the New Small Wheel project.

Stephanie was an outstanding scientist and an extraordinary person. She received various awards for her research and leadership work. Stephanie was a principal researcher in our Research Training Groups 1102 and 2044 in Freiburg and was supervising all dissertation projects related to the upgrade of the ATLAS muon system. As New Small Wheel project leader she supervised and supported several tens of PhD students with words and deeds.

Stephanie was known for her dedication, strong will, assertiveness, factuality and team spiriti buts also for her sensitivity to the invidual situation and concerns of all he collaborators. Her support and care for all team members collaborators in particular youngers ones were reknown. Stephanie's scientific brilliance, her outstanding dedication and team spirit, and her promotion and caring for young people are and will stay a shining example for all of us.

We sorely miss a brilliant physicist, a great colleague and amiable human.

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