Seminar Series

Summer Term 2022


Date Speaker Title Abstract/pdf-file time and place
04.05.2022 Malgorzata Worek, Aachen
Theoretical Aspects of Top-Quark Physics at the LHC
abstract HS I, 16ct
25.05.2022 Kathrin Valerius, KIT Results from the KATRIN Experiment abstract HS I, 16ct
01.06.2022 Maarten Boonekamp, Mainz Recent progress in electroweak physics at Hadron Colliders   HS I, 16ct

Special seminar


Ulrich Haisch, München Seminar on LHC Dark Matter searches   HS II, 10 st
22.06.2022 Matthias Steinhauser, KIT Running couplings and masses   HS I, 16ct
29.06.2022 Lasha Berezhiani, MPI München Dark matter superfluidity and galactic dynamics abstract HS I, 16ct

Student talks:

Julian Bollig
Prasham Jain

 titles t.b.a.   HS I, 16ct

Physicists in Industry


Michael Köhler (Siemens Healthineers)


Evelyn Moser (EnBW Energie) 

MRT-Development with Siemens (t.b.c.)


Einblicke in die Aufgaben eines Data Scientist in der Energiewirtschaft 

  HS I, 16ct
Special seminar

Clare Burrage (Nottingham) Testing dark energy: from cosmology to the laboratory   HS I, 16ct



Winter Term 2021/22     (Zoom link)

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Date Speaker Title Abstract/pdf-file time and place
20.10.2021 Tamara Vazquez Schroeder, CERN
F(ℓ)avoured searches: leptoquarks - present status and future prospects
Slides in ILIAS
HS I, 16ct
03.11.2021 Norbert Wermes, Bonn Monolithic Pixel Detectors exploiting CMOS Chip Technology abstract
Slides in ILIAS
HS I, 16ct
17.11.2021 Gilberto Colangelo, Bern Muon g-2: review of the calculation of hadronic contributions abstract
Slides in ILIAS
HS I, 16ct
01.12.2021 Gino Isidori, Zürich B-physics anomalies and the flavour problem abstract
Slides in ILIAS
HS I, 16ct



Kathrin Valerius, KIT postponed to summer semester    
19.01.2022 Thomas Janka, München Theory of Core-Collapse Supernovae - Introduction and status slides HS I, 16ct
26.01.2022 Student talks

Julia Müller
Freiburgs DARWIN Demonstrator

Jaron Grigat
S1-based position reconstruction in dual phase time projection chambers

  HS I, 16ct
02.02.2022 Spyridon Argyropoulos, Freiburg

The Higgs boson as a window to the dark universe

Slides in ILIAS HS I, 16ct
09.02.2022 Gregor Kasieczka, Hamburg Anomaly Detection using Machine Learning Techniques Slides in ILIAS HS I, 16ct





Past Seminar Series  (Summer 2015 - Summer 2021)



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