RTG Seminar by Dr. Jochen Meyer

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Studies of ZZ production in leptonic final states with ATLAS

  • Seminar talk
Wann 14.12.2016
von 16:00 bis 18:00
Wo HS II, Phyiscs Highrise
Kontakttelefon 7612035715
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The reasonably large production cross sections of diboson pairs at the center of mass energies provided by the LHC allow the first time to study this class of processes in detail. Such analyses are of particular interest because of the Higgs boson decay into dibosons. On the other hand, measurements related to observables of diboson pairs represent a critical contribution to our understanding of the electroweak sector of the Standard Model. This talk will especially focus on leptonic signatures consistent with the decay of two Z bosons found in data recorded by the ATLAS experiment. Recently published cross section measurements at various center of mass energies and their comparison to state-of-the-art theory predictions will be presented. Furthermore selected searches for Physics beyond the Standard Model, like for a heavy Higgs boson or for anomalous triple gauge couplings, based on differential distributions will be addressed as well.  

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