Seminar Series

Summer Term 2020



Date Speaker Title Abstract/pdf-file time and place
06.05.2020 Ilaria Brivio (Heidelberg)   SMEFT   HS II, 16ct

Physicists in Industry:

Michael Köhler (Siemens Healthineers)

Evelyn Moser (EnBW Energie) 


MRT-Development with Siemens (t.b.c.)


Einblicke in die Aufgaben eines Data Scientist in der Energiewirtschaft 

  HS II, 16ct
27.05.2020 Josef Jochum (Tübingen)  GERDA: Neutrinoles Double Beta Decay    HS II, 16ct
17.06.2020  Andreas Ringwald (DESY)  SMASH   HS II, 16ct
24.06.2020 Ian Dawson (Sheffield)  Radiation Background Simulations at LHC Experiments and Detector Damage Studies    HS II, 16ct

Doctoral researcher talks:

Benjamin Rottler

Jan Schwarz 


  HS II, 16ct
22.07.2020 Klaus Desch (Bonn)  Axion search experiments: exploring the low-energy frontier   HS II, 16ct



Winter Term 2019/2020


Date Speaker Title Abstract/pdf-file time and place
06.11.2019 Kristof Schmieden (CERN) Measuring light-by-light scattering at ATLAS abstract slides HS II, 16ct
20.11.2019 Student Talks

Manuel Guth 
Searching for the ttH (H→bb) process utilising improvements in Deep-Neural-Network-based b-Tagging

Maximilian Klinkert
Master- and Surface-Terms for Two-Loop Numerical Unitarity 

  HS II, 16ct
27.11.2019 Georg Weiglein (DESY)  Future perspectives in collider physics abstract  HS II, 16ct
18.12.2019 Maria Martinez (University of Zaragoza) Dark matter annual modulation and ANAIS-112 results: testing the DAMA/LIBRA positive signal abstract  HS II, 16ct
15.01.2020 Simon Procz (Uni Freiburg/FMF) Medipix and Timepix Detectors: From Particle Detection to Medical Imaging abstract  HS II, 16ct
22.01.2020 Hubert Spiesberger (Uni Mainz)  Low-Energy Electron Proton Scattering at MESA abstract  HS II, 16ct
29.01.2020 Klaus Rabbertz (KIT) 

Determination of the strong coupling constant αs at the LHC

abstract  HS II, 16ct
12.02.2020 Toshiyuki Iwamoto (University of Tokyo) Lepton flavor violating muon decay search: MEG results and MEG II status abstract  HS II, 16ct



Summer Term 2019


Date Speaker Title Abstract/pdf-file time and place
24.4.2019 Ulrich Husemann (KIT) The Quest for ttH Production


HS II, 16ct

Student talks:

Jerry Dormans

Julian Wollrath


Analytic Reconstruction of Two-Loop Amplitudes for LHC Phenomenology

Search for top squark pair production in final states with one lepton at the ATLAS experiment

  HS II, 16ct
22.5.2019 Achim Stahl (Aachen) Measuring the Electric Dipole Moment of Protons



HS II, 16ct
29.5.2019 Frank Siegert (Dresden) Rivet (and Sherpa)  slides HS II, 16ct
26.6.2019 Michele Weber (Universität Bern) Sterile Neutrinos



HS II, 16ct
27.6.2019 Heiko Lacker (HU Berlin)


Search for long-lived, very weakly interacting particles - the proposed SHiP facility at CERN



HS II, 17ct
10.7.2019 Frank Krauss (Durham, IPPP) Parton Showers   HS II, 16ct


Moritz von Sivers

Nicolas Möser
(Bosch AG)

RTG Industry sessions:

Development of Optolelectronic Devices at Thorlabs GmbH,

Research At Bosch – From a Particle Physicist’s Point of View


HS II, 16ct


Past Seminar Series  (Summer 2015 - Winter 2018/2019)



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