Open positions

 The following PhD topics are available

  • Precision calculations for Higgs boson production and decay in Standard Model extensions
    (group of S. Dittmaier)
  • Development of dead-time free readout and trigger electronics based on FPGA and ASICS technologies
    (group of H. Fischer)
  • Suche nach supersymmetrischen Teilchen in Endzuständen mit Jets und fehlender Energie bei einer Schwerpunktsenergie von 13 TeV
    (group of G. Herten)
  • Automated computations for vector bosons and massive jets using modern unitarity and on-shell approaches
    (group of H. Ita)
  • Determination of Higgs boson couplings using H to WW, H to tautau and H to bb decays
    (group of K. Jakobs)
  • Development and test of silicon tracking-detector modules in the end-cap region for the upgrade of the ATLAS detector
    (groups of S. Kühn and U. Parzefall)
  • Studies of MicroMegas performance and optimisation of operating parameters
    (group of  U. Landgraf and S. Zimmermann)
  • Investigation of the tensor structure of  Higgs boson couplings in the decay to tau leptons  and to photons with the ATLAS experiment
    (group of M. Schumacher)
  • Precision calculations for Higgs boson decays in Standard Model extensions
    (group of J. van der Bij)

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