Past Events

Events which have already happened.

Special lecture by Prof. Dr. N. Wermes

Title: Signal formation and signal processing in detectors

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RTG Fall Workshop 2019

This year's Annual Fall Workshop will take place from 25. - 27. September in Bonndorf.

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RTG Industry Seminars

Guest speakers - Dr. Moritz von Sivers (Thorlabs GmbH) and Dr. Nicolas Möser (Bosch AG)

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RTG Seminar by Frank Krauss

Title: Parton Showers t.b.d.

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Special Seminar by Heiko Lacker

Title: Search for long-lived, very weakly interacting particles - the proposed SHiP facility at CERN

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RTG Seminar by Frank Siegert

Title: Rivet (and Sherpa) t.b.a.

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RTG Seminar by Achim Stahl

Title: Measuring the Electric Dipole Moment of Protons

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