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Event RTG Seminar by Jens Osterhoff
Title: FLASHForward into the Future - Challenges and Prospects for Plasma-Wave Acceleration
Event RTG Seminar by Yvonne Pachmayer
Title: Status of Heavy Ion Physics
Event RTG Seminar by Prof. Beate Heinemann
Title: Luminosity measurements at colliders
Event RTG Seminar by Thomas Becher
Title: Automated, Resummed and Effective: Precision Computations for the LHC
Event RTG Seminar by Carlos Marinas
Title: The Phase 2 run of the Belle II experiment
Event RTG Seminar Student talks
Student talks by Felix Anger and Tomas Javurek
Event Special seminar by Lance Dixon
Event RTG Seminar by Dr. Rikkert Frederix
Title: FxFx Merging
Event Jose Rojo - What hides inside a proton? From heavy quarks and photons to leptons and Higgs bosons
RTG Seminar on Wednesday, November 25th, 2020
Event Karsten Köneke - The Higgs boson - a precision endeavor
RTG seminar on Wednesday, December 16th, 2020
Event Peter Fischer - ASICs for Photon Detection integrating Avalanche Diodes and CMOS Readout
RTG seminar on Wednesday, January 20th, 2021
Event Rainer Sommer - How strong are the strong interactions
RTG seminar on Wednesday, January 27th, 2021
Event Laura Lopez Honorez - Dark matter from FIMP to WIMP through co-scattering:
RTG seminar on Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021
Event Student seminar - Wladimir Tschernow and Arturo Rodriguez Rodriguez
RTG Seminar on Wednesday, December 19th 2018
Event Gilberto Colangelo - Muon g-2: review of the calculation of hadronic contributions
RTG Seminar
Event Gino Isidori - B-physics anomalies and the flavour problem
RTG seminar
Event RTG Industry Seminars
Guest speakers - Dr. Moritz von Sivers (Thorlabs GmbH) and Dr. Nicolas Möser (Bosch AG)
Event Ulrich Husemann (KIT) - The Quest for ttH Production
RTG Seminar
Event RTG Seminar by Dr. Federico Meloni
Please note: seminar starts at 17 s.t.
Event RTG Seminar by Gudrun Hiller
Event RTG Seminar by Michael Wurm
Title: New photo sensors for the hybrid Cherenkov-scintillation detector Theia
Event RTG Seminar by Prof. Thomas Gehrmann
Title: Theory of Higgs Production at the LHC
Event RTG Seminars by Martina Javurkova-Pagacova and Philipp Jörg
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