RTG Fall Workshop 04. - 06. Oktober 2023

This year's Annual Fall Workshop will take place from 04.- 06. October 2023 in the Schwarzwald Hotel Silberkönig in Gutach-Bleibach

Workshop Venue


The Schwarzwald Hotel Silberkönig in Gutach-Bleibach

Schwarzwald Hotel Silberkönig

Schwarzwald Hotel Silberkönig - Anfahrt

(Quelle: Schwarzwald Hotel Silberkönig, Gutach-Bleibach)




Schwarzwald Hotel Silberkönig
GmbH & Co. KG

Familie Birmelin
Silberwaldstr. 24
79261 Gutach-Bleibach
im Breisgau / Elztal



Webseite: https://www.silberkoenig.de/de/hotel/willkommen.html





Registration for RTG members is closed.

For any changes or additional info,

please contact grk-sekr@physik.uni-freiburg.de


Scientific programme online  

 under construction



Fernando Febres-Cordero, Florida State University

Tilman Plehn, Universität Heidelberg

Simon Spannagel, DESY



 to be announced


How to get to Gutach-Bleibach


Arriving by car



Arriving by train

The journey here is via Freiburg central station (ICE Station). From there, there is a suburban train running every hour to Bleibach.
It is also possible to travel here from Freiburg Coach Station with the SBB.

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