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Nicolas Morange - Searching for H → bb decays at ATLAS

RTG seminar on Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

The Higgs decays to b-quarks are by far the most abundant at the LHC, with a branching ratio of 58%. It is therefore an important part of the Higgs sector to study, however the overwhelming Standard Model backgrounds make this observation quite challenging at the LHC. After discussing the specificities of the various search channels, the seminar will focus on the most sensitive mode, where the Higgs is produced in association with W or Z bosons. As ATLAS achieved an evidence for b-quark decays in this mode with 36fb-1 of data taken in the Run-2 of the LHC, the key elements of this measurement will be highlighted, and perspectives in this field for the years to come will be drawn.

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