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Christoph Anders - Large R jets and boosted object tagging in ATLAS

RTG Seminar talk on June 15th, 2016

During Run 1 of the LHC the study and use of boosted objects from hadronic decays, i.e. W,Z bosons and top quarks with significant kinetic energies, have been established and become increasingly mainstream. A small excess in the fully hadronic di-boson resonance  search brought the field further into the spotlight.

With the first Run 2 we have shown to be ready to tag jets from hadronic W, Z and Higgs boson in addition to top quark decays, through analysis of their jet substructure. The greater centre of mass energy and  hence higher boosts make boosted objects even more important. Results from Run 1 will be reviewed and early Run 2 highlights will be presented.

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